We need to think again about the importance of being a social state while living during these coronavirus days; the need for free basic needs such as housing, education, health care, unemployment benefits, equal civil rights or the protection of everyone’s right to life within the confines of a state, equal treatment  and  equal right.

I believe we only talk and focus solely on the number of cases and deaths, as virus has engulfed our world and we don’t think enough about the consequences and how we need to direct this uncontrolled the method applied.

I want to focus on results and I think everyone should focus on the outcome.

I don’t want to focus on a conspiracy theory and shift the course of the conversation in this direction, but to focus more comfortably on the results,

Let’s imagine even it’s not a biological weapon; but it has a target group who are over 60-65 years old, i.e. retirees, poor and unhealthy people, capitalist system sees as a hunchback. Let’s think that as labor, they have exploited their young healthy lives and tried to get rid of this hump by seeing it as a burden to the economy in time to look at it. Let’s remind us that close to all countries in the world are governed by these wild capitalist systems and their representative right-wing parties.

The virus will spread in each country until it reaches its target and will be increased by mutation.  It’s a coincidence that countries are taking such late precautions.

Is wild capitalism renewing itself with its collapsing system, and how will it renew itself with this epidemic?

About 220,000 people died with the atomic bomb, 6 million people died with Hitler’s fascist policies, 35 million people died with AIDS, 12,000 people died by swine flu and got off to a fast start today With Coronavirus, nearly 200,000 people have now died and continue to lose. Please understand that only the numerical subject statements of governments are scarier than the actual figures. On the other hand, every day 25,000 people die of hunger.

Please examine into again, how diseases change the world or who re-establish the world order by diseases. Are we ready for the next one?  How many times do we have to have an epidemic to be ready?

How much income and life will provide capitalist system by old people’s death? I also want you to think about how an uncontrolled order can be created by losing social memory, based on the fact that older people are a segment that represents social memory, rather than just looking at this part as a monetary gain. Who are the over 60 years old people? Most of them represent the generation of 68. Because if this virus is only going to allow young and healthy people to live, it means that the system will have a target group that does not have social memory and experience and  nearly all of them have grown up in front of the screens, not production, but only a culture of consumption, and again the system is close to the entire  target group; Imagine having social media and internet tools, and it’s a collection of artificial intelligence. Even now, we can predict how we’re losing vital control these days when we’re locked in our homes because of the epidemic, and what to expect when it becomes indefinitely, you can guess.  At this point, it doesn’t make much sense for children who grow up 24 hours a day across the screen, but they still have an internet and a computer, making money from home and shopping online and going to the door of the food, but the elderly people with social memory can express the horrors of it with the memory they will pass on to this generation, will be decomposed and control will reach the end point of wild capitalism.  Compared to that with an adult  person who’s lost his memory because of an accident can keep the habits that adults learn to acquire and that’s what they’re doing; language,  feeding,  driving, etc. but the new generation that has lost social memory will begin to acquire a memory that is not in control,  which means that you can imagine what kind of disaster they have.

At that point, I want to drop another footnote; While human being is isolated from the outside world and closed in his home, we can only see that nature is satisfied with that. It is going to be renewed.  Will human remember to be a part of nature or when people remember that, will nature accept us.

What I’ve seen in the process, countries which close the borders whether to upgrade a racist point of view by the isolation long term.

Small businesses will sink in the long term, large businesses will try to sustain themselves in the wild conditions of the battle to maintain an individual presence with the support of governments. In the long term, as the education system is carried out behind closed doors, there will be collapse and ignorant societies. At this point, I think it is necessary to build an understanding that will elect governments that will keep the community alive and build a system that will ensure the well-being, health and long-term survival of society, not companies. Instead of your deciding what the government decided today, we need to look for the answer to how we can control our own future and control governments, and these days. I hope that we understand how to be a social state in practice to better protect societies, and I want to invite everyone around this concept to think and activate. The system of the world.

Time is not homogeneous, and social memory is important to build a bridge between the past and the future in this process, to restore the transfer of cultural, political, economic and historical  changes, which will be a real reality that shows us the right and wrongs in the new world order to be established.

We have to protect our social memory who carry on. We have to keep under the control of governments. We have to care about our next generations and we can’t allow the system to make them into robots. We have to maintain our rebellious spirit, because capitulatory and has lost control society is not free and is huddle.

Stay healthy and conscious.